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Tips For Storing Winter Clothes

It is officially Summer! That means you can pack away your coats and boots and bring out the shorts and sandals. You may not have enough closet space for all of your clothes, so this may require you to store the winter clothes away for a few seasons. The first step to clothing storage is making sure everything is clean. You’ll want to run everything through the washer and dryer before putting them away in storage. You want your clothes to stay clean and dry so it is important to store them correctly. There are plenty of storage options, but which one is the best for each type of clothing?


These items are called delicates for a reason, so they require some extra care. You’ll want to fold these items and place them in non-acidic tissue paper. Once wrapped up, these items should be placed in a cotton garment bag. Unlike plastic garment bags, the cotton will allow the fabrics to breathe properly.


Plastic bins are perfect for these items. Jeans, sweatshirts and everything else should be folded and placed in the bin with the heaviest items on the bottom. Although plastic bins do take up space, they allow for the fabrics to breathe. Vacuum seal bags can distort the shape of your clothing and don’t allow the fabric to breathe. To keep your clothes smelling fresh and keep pests out you can throw a lavender sachet or cedar ball in the bin.


Winter shoes come in contact with harsh salt and snow throughout the season, so it’s important to clean them thoroughly before placed in storage. Shoes can easily lose their shape if they are not stored correctly. Tall boots should have boot trees placed inside, and smaller shoes such as ankle boots and loafers can be stuffed with tissue paper. Shoes can be stood up in the back of the closet, or if you need to save space they can be placed in a plastic storage bin. The largest shoes should be laid down at the bottom of the bin and a cotton t-shirt or shoe bag should be placed in between each pair.

What Should Be Folded, and What Should Be Hung

Hangers are not ideal for sweaters and bulky coats. When a piece of clothing is hung for months at a time it can become misshapen. These items can also be placed in a plastic bin, with the heaviest items on the bottom. With these items it is important not to over stuff the bin. Compressing these items can lead to a distorted shape. Dresses and fur coats are the only winter items that should stay hung up in your closet. They should be placed in a cotton garment bag, in the back of the closet, away from light.

Once all of your winter clothing is packed and stored away you’ll want to store them in the right place. Your bags and bins should be stored in a cool, dark and dry place. Before hitting storage, Vick’s Cleaners can help prepare every piece of clothing by cleaning it right. With three dry cleaning locations and two laundromats we can help anywhere in the Kinston area.