Taking Care of Your Suede Garments

Taking Care of Your Suede Garments

Although suede is a form of leather, it can not be cared for in the same way as other leathers. If one of your suede items gets a little too dirty, Vick’s Cleaners can take care of it for you! However, take these precautionary measures to prevent ruining your suede items.

Treating Small Stains

Blot off wet stains as soon as possible. Place a paper towel onto the wet area and press down. Small, dry stains may be erased with a clean pencil eraser. Be careful with at-home techniques, as damage from simple soap is irreversible. Taking your suede to a professional dry cleaner is always the best option!

Keep Away From Sunlight

Keep your suede away from direct sunlight! Sunlight can cause fading. If you have suede upholstery in your home, be sure to place it in a spot that does not receive tons of direct sunlight.

Transporting Your Suede

When transporting or storing suede shoes, place them in a pillowcase and store them in a dark place where they will not fade. However, do not store them in plastic! The fibers in the suede need room to breathe. You will also want to avoid direct sunlight and the lack of air circulation. Exposure to the sun can shrink, fade, or harden the suede. Make sure they are completely dry before storing.

Many people overlook the concept of when to wear their suede items when discussing how to care for them. Water can really damage a suede piece, causing the velvety texture to become hardened, so check the weather forecast when planning your outfit for the day/night.

Suede Care Tips

Here are a few more tips for keeping your suede in prime condition:

  • Apply a waterproofing spray
  • Use a suede eraser for stains
  • If suede shoes get muddy, let dry overnight and brush off with a stiff brush
  • Always brush your suede in one direction

Keeping your suede pieces looking nice is all about giving it the proper care. Brushing your pieces regularly will get rid of dust and help retain the look of the suede. Suede clothing should be professionally cleaned about once or twice a year, depending on how often you wear it. Too much cleaning can actually strain your suede clothing!

For all your leather, suede, and fur cleaning, bring your garments to Vick’s Cleaners! We currently have three locations for your convenience in Kinston and Snow Hill. We also offer free pick-up and delivery to your home or office, available in Lenoir, Craven, Jones, and Greene counties! Visit our website or contact us today, online or by telephone!

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