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Guide to Cleaning Curtains: Machine Wash or Dry Clean?

Over time you may start to notice that your curtains are getting dusty and discolored. Vacuuming your curtains weekly can lengthen the time in between cleanings, but at some point they do have to be washed. The dust isn’t just a sight for sore eyes, but it can be a health hazard for those with allergies. Curtains can be made from all different types of fabrics, so you want to make sure you are cleaning them the correct way.

Every Fabric is Different

  • Silk: This fabric is very delicate, so you are going to want to hand wash with mild dish soap and line hang to dry

  • Wool and Cashmere: These fabrics must always be dry cleaned

  • Cotton: If your curtains are unlined they can be either machine or hand washed

  • Suede/Crushed Velvet: These fabrics must always be dry cleaned

  • Synthetic Fabrics: The chemicals in the dry cleaning process could have an affect on this fabric, so it is best to machine/hand wash or bring it to a professional cleaning service

  • Sheer: This fabric is very thin, so discoloring can occur if they are not cleaned often. Since the fabric is so thin you are going to want to hand wash in cold water and dry without heat in a dryer

  • Stitched, Pleated, Beading: These curtains have fine details, and all should be dry cleaned. Even if the fabric itself says it can be machine washed, your safest bet to keep all of the detail in place would be dry cleaning

How Can Vick’s Cleaners Help?

Whenever your curtains are soiled and stained, it is best to have them dry cleaned. Long curtains contain a lot of fabric, which may be too large of a load for an ordinary washing machine. Vick’s Cleaners has three dry cleaning locations and two laundromats in the Kinston, Snow Hill area. No matter what kind of curtains you have, we can clean them. Our team has experience in curtain cleaning, so you can be assured the fabrics are safe with us. We offer free home pick up and delivery, so go online or call today to schedule your next cleaning with Vick’s Cleaners.


How Often Should I Wash My Bedding

There are multiple components to our bedding that all have different timelines when it comes to needing to be washed. This is because some of our bedding such as sheets and pillowcases have direct contact with our bodies every night, while our duvet and comforters do not. All parts of our bedding need to be washed, and Vick’s Cleaners can help you complete the job.


Sheets and Pillowcases

We come in contact with our sheets and pillowcases every night. Just like our clothing, they need to be washed regularly, about once a week. When we come in contact with these parts of our bedding, oils and dirt go into the fibers. Over time these can build up and cause tough stains to form. Dead skin and bacteria can also get into our bedding. Dust mites love to feed on these items, and if you are one who suffers from allergies, this can make it even worse. The best way to wash your sheets and pillowcases is in warm water. Hot water can shrink your sheets, and cold water may not kill all bacterias.


Pillows and Blankets

The wash cycle of a pillow or blanket comes down to how often you use it. It is important to wash our pillows because oils from our face and hair can begin to soak into the pillow. If your pillow has a protector in between the pillow itself and the pillowcase, then you will only need to wash your pillow a few times a year. The protector should be washed once a month. If you are not using a pillow protector, then your pillow should be washed once a month. A blanket follows the same type of guidelines. If you have a blanket at the foot of your bed and never really use it, then it can be washed every few months. If you frequently use your blanket every night, you should wash it once a week with your sheets.


Comforters and Duvet Covers

Comforters and duvet covers help protect our beds from dirt and soiling. If you use a sheet and aren’t in direct contact with your comforter every night, then you only need to wash it once a year, or when a stain occurs. The larger our bed, the larger the size of the cover. Many washing machines aren’t capable of holding such a large load. That’s why many choose to have it dry cleaned, and Vick’s Cleaners can get the job done. We can dry clean any size comforter or duvet cover, while your sheets and pillows are being washed in one of our laundromats. Call to schedule a free pickup, or visit us at one of our five locations in the Kinston and Snow Hill area!

Why You Should Preserve Your Wedding Dress

A wedding dress is more than just a dress. When you look at it memories and emotions start flooding back. You think about the day you finally found the dress, where you were surrounded by your closest friends and family. You think about the one you married, and how happy you were. Then you think about your reception, and how much fun you had in that dress. Vick’s Cleaners offers wedding dress cleaning and preservation services. It is important to keep that dress looking the same it did on your wedding day for years to come, and here’s why.


Hidden Stains You’ll Regret Decades Later

You may not see some stains now, but years from now they will appear. Things like deodorant, water or white wine. All things that are clear now, can appear years later. These stains begin to deteriorate the fabric over time, and you won’t notice until you pull out the dress later on. When you take your dress to Vick’s Cleaners your dress will be thoroughly cleaned before it is preserved.


Prevent Yellow, Stretched Fabric

Leaving your dress on a hanger in the back of the closet can slowly ruin it over time. With so much fabric, that weight can begin to pull the dress on the hanger, giving your dress a stretched out look. As the season’s change, so does the temperature of your closet. Moisture in the air can wear on the dress, giving it a yellow color over time. When you preserve your wedding dress, it is stored in a box where it will have a permanent location, with no exposure to the air. Open this box decades later, and see the beautiful white dress you fell in love with the first time.


A Living Memory

You never know when you’ll want to pull out your wedding dress again. It may be on an anniversary years later when you and your partner want to take a look and reminisce. It could be decades later when your daughter is getting married. It is very popular today to see vintage dresses. Whether she wants to wear the dress or take a piece of it to add to something new, you’ll want that dress looking just as white as it did on your special day.

You’ve been dreaming of your wedding dress since you were young, and the day finally came. You spent so much time looking and trying on until you finally found the dress of your dreams. Keep it looking pristine by preserving it, and trust the best to do it. Vick’s Cleaners is more than just a dry cleaner. We have three locations in Kinston and Snow Hill, and two laundromat locations in the Kinston area. Besides dry cleaning and laundry services, we offer alterations, shoe repair, leather and suede cleaning, and wedding dress preservation.


Need a New Dry Cleaner

Vick’s Cleaners is a family-owned cleaners service, which is located in Kinston, North Carolina. For over 100 years, Vick’s has been providing quality dry cleaning and garment cleaning services to the surrounding Kinston area. As we have expanded to three locations, we can provide service anywhere around Kinston or Snow Hill. Including two laundromats, Vick’s can take care of all your laundry needs.


Being in the industry for 100 years, our employees are members of state and national associations keeping us up to date with the new technology and cleaning processes in this changing industry. We can take care of all dry cleaning, shirt laundry, bedding, garment restoration, alterations and special items such as hats, handbags, Ugg Boots, and rug cleaning.

Our Cleaners:

2600 N Herritage Street Kinston, NC 28504

Phone: 252-522-1843


111 Heritage Crossing Snow Hill, NC 28580

Phone: 252-747-3737


663 Sussex Street Kinston, NC 28504

Phone: 252-522-1708


Coin Laundry

663 Sussex Street Kinston, NC 28504

Phone: 252-522-1708


1318 N Queen Street Kinston, NC 28501

Phone: 252-527-4844


Vick’s Cleaners offers free pickup and delivery for laundry services. Have your goods picked up, cleaned, and delivered to and from a home or office free of charge to anywhere in Lenoir, Craven, Jones, and Greene counties. Call at 252-522-1843 or visit our homepage to schedule a pick up and delivery time.

Home and Office Cleaning

For those trying to find the time to get things straightened up at home or at a business, turn to Vick’s Cleaners for a fast and easy solution. Professional dry cleaning is more than just shirt laundry, we have the ability to clean and straighten up, and repair a variety of different materials and fabric items.

Home Decor Cleaning

For the home and office setting, we can easily take care of curtain cleaning, table linens, bedding materials, and rug cleaning. With items not easy to fit in a traditional, in-home washing machine, we can take care of, and get it looking brand new. For ripped materials and wear and tear, Vick’s Cleaners will work with each item individually to get it back to normal.

Convenient Services

Save time with our pickup and delivery service. We know how busy owning a home an office can be, so let us take care of the cleaning services. With three locations, we can pick up laundry and items to be repaired from Lenoir, Craven, Jones, and Greene counties. Pickup and delivery is a free service, so there is no need to stretch your budget.

In addition to home and office materials cleaning, we provide full-service cleaning of clothing as well as coin laundry facilities. To get more details on our services and hours, call today, 252-522-1843.


Our Services

Vick’s Cleaners is family owned and proudly serving the Kinston community with quality dry cleaning and garment cleaning services. We have three locations, two in Kinston and one in Snow Hill for your convenience. Since 1899 we have been a professional dry cleaning service, and have now expanded on all that we can help you do within your home and business.

Full-Service Dry Cleaning

We are a full-service dry cleaning facility, so you can drop off any clothes, as well as opt-in for our pickup and delivery services to help match your busy schedule. Choose us for shirt laundry, or general wash and fold to help ease up your household chores. Along with dry cleaning services, we can help to treat other wearable accessories such as hat cleaning and Ugg Boot cleaning and restoration. For leather and suede goods, bring in your handbags and shoes in to be cleaned and repaired professionally.

One-Stop Household Cleaning

In addition to garments, Vick’s Cleaners is your one-stop for all thing household or office. Rug cleaning, curtains, table linens, and bedding will be taken care of with our several different fabric treatments. We will take care of your dirty work and you can even get it picked up and delivered for free. If you have any questions about our services or prices don’t hesitate to call, we will work with you and your goods to ensure they are professionally cleaned and taken care of to get the most life out of them. 252-522-1843.


What is Dry Cleaning?

Not completely dry, dry cleaning is a fabric cleansing method which uses liquids other than water to cleanse soiled clothing or articles. As a traditional washing machine can be extremely rough on delicate clothes and add-ons such as buttons, lace or zippers, dry cleaning is a more gentle way of removing stains and freshening fabric. Dry cleaning is beneficial to fabrics and materials which can not be cleaned in water as they will shrink, or tarnish, such as silk, wool, and leather.

Historic Techniques

Dry cleaning is an ancient technique which has been found in the ruins of Pompeii. There has been evidence of the use of chemicals and other materials to clean fabric besides water. Ammonia found in urine, lye, and Fuller’s’ Earth Clay are some of the original cleansing materials. From there on commercial laundry services have come about, originally in Paris, use of liquids such as gasoline, kerosene, turpentine spirits, petroleum-based fluids, and camphor oil has been found. As some of these solutions were dangerous, working in unsafe facilities crossed with high heat.

Improved Technology

The dry cleaning services today now use new liquids and technology to safely remove stains and dirt. Almost any type of fabric can be dry cleaned, as they get sorted and some pre-treated before being placed into the proper machine load. Most dry cleaner services today are full scale and have a wide variety of services, in addition to dry cleaning. Wash and fold, alterations, shoe repairs, leather, and rug cleaning, are what makes dry cleaners your one stop for all things apparel and home furnishings.


If you are in need of dry cleaning or repair services, call Vick’s Cleaners at 252-522-1843 to find a location near you. Free pickup and delivery services are available for your home or office.